Round Zone Dampers

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    Zone Damper Control Panels. 2 and 3 Wire Zone Dampers. Single Stage, Multi-Stage and Ht Pump Systems. LED Status Lights.10 YR Warranty
    Fresh Air Ventilation System. Single Adjustment Cycle Timer. Operation Override Option. Damper Sizes 4"- 10". Panel Only available.
    Wireless Air Balance. Remote Control % of Damper Open. 24V POPC. Remote controls individual settings of up to 32 dampers. 5"-14" Duct Sizes


A Damper consists of a plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a Duct, Chimney, VAV Box, Air Handler or other air handling equipment. A Damper may be used to cut-off airflow to an unused room or to regulate conditioned air for room-to-room temperature and climate control.

Dampers are operated manually or automatic (motor driven). Manual Air Balance Dampers are opened or closed by a Handle outside the duct. Automatic Motorized Dampers are used to constantly regulate airflow and are operated by electric or pneumatic (Air Pressure) motors - each controlled by a thermostat or building automation system. Dampers may also be used to help control the rate of combustion in fuel burning equipment.

Zone Dampers are used to control system supply duct airflow. Fire Dampers and Ceiling Radiation Dampers shut-down air circulation thru system Grilles and Registers as part of Fire and Smoke Control. Iris Dampers are installed in round duct for precise airflow and balancing. Barometric Dampers and Draft Inducers control and improve furnace venting and chimney draft. Draft Inducers are also used with Wood Burning Stoves.